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Examples Found (Appendix M)

Page history last edited by Manon Theroux 10 years, 2 months ago

Examples Found (Appendix M: Source of Map)


M3. "Appears in" notes

(first example following first paragraph)

500     ‡a Appears in Senex's A new general atlas, 1721.

Status: Used 1/23/14
MT: No bib record link?

A link!

M4. Reference sources

500     ‡a Appears in Justus Danckerts's Atlas editions after 1696; see Koeman, C. Atlantes Neerlandici, vol. III, Dan 3, Dan 4.

510 4  ‡a Koeman, C.  Atlantes Neerlandici, ‡c III, Dan 3 (map 29)

Status: Used 1/23/14
MT: In the 500 field, I made the part after the semi-colon simply say "See Koeman". The 510 field provides the details of the citation. 1/23/14

MT: No bib record link?


500     ‡a From Alexis Hubert Jaillot's Atlas nouveau, 1681.

510 4    ‡a Pastoureau, M.  Les atlas français, ‡c Jaillot I Aa (map 12)

Status: Used 5/18/14


MT: Added "see Pastoreau" at the end of the 500 field; deleted the initial article "Les" from the title in the 510 field. 5/18/14


TF: Is one example for each (From/Appears in) good enough? Do we want several of each? 5/15/14

MT: I think one of each is probably enough. We do cite rule 7B15, where there are other reference sources listed. 5/18/14

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