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Meeting 2013-06-28

Page history last edited by Todd Fell 10 years, 10 months ago

DCRM(C) Editorial Meeting

ALA Annual

Chicago, Illinois

June 28, 2013


Agenda (and minutes)


Areas with outstanding issues:


(Discussion began with issues from the areas not listed in initial agenda)



I.2. revise sentence to add reference to DCRM(S) for rare serials

I.4. revise example to fit cartographic material 


Area 0

0A. add unmounted globe gores to materials listed [wasn't there other corrections to this list? I don't have further notes, but I seem to recall this] 

0B1. remove "and format" from final bullet

0G7.3. leave complete rule in for now even though potentially may not relate to cartographic materials; we may drop examples later


Area 2

2B4.2. we will keep the second part of the rule, but perhaps have less examples


Area 3

3B1.7c. full citation to Klaus is needed

3B4.1. the quoted scale statement does not go in a note, but rather concerns Area 3 (THIS IS A DEVIATION FROM CM)

3D2.6. we will combine the two separate notes in Area 3

3D2.7. rephrase the second sentence to make more similar to wording in the example of 3D2.8.

3D2.8. more examples are needed; more general

3C2.1. will keep the final sentence connecting two projections by "and" (THIS IS A DEVIATION FROM CM, but only for atlases)


Area 5

5C5.2, 5C8.2. it is better to say "is not" in example comment

5C5.3., 5C8.3. will keep hyphen in examples (related: the use of "hand col." IS A DEVIATION FROM CM, which uses "col." in the 300)

5C7.1. we will delete 5E2

5D1.3. putting an image in the main text is okay


Area 7

7B1.1  we will add a paragraph concerning geographic coverage

7B3. we will delete the parallel rules in 1B1.2 and 1B3.4


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