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ALA Prep: Deviations from DCRM(B)

Page history last edited by Manon Theroux 9 years ago

MT: This list was compiled for use at the ALA Public Hearing. Additional deviations since that time are indicated in blue. 5/11/14


- covers not just printed materials but also manuscript materials

- rules for atlases very similar to rules for books; rules for non-atlases are more likely to differ

- additional appendixes on cartographic topics (Scale, Coordinates, Date of Situation, Composite Atlases (revised to treat as monographs), Map Series and Sets, Relief methods, etc.)

- transposition notes now required only for atlases; can include for other materials if considered important.



- broadened meaning of word "Optionally" (introduces an alternative treatment of an element or an optional element), e.g. GMD, Coordinates, etc.


Area 0

- chief and prescribed sources are different for atlases vs. non-atlases

- additional instructions given for transcription order and scattered elements


Area 1

- permits use of a general material designation (GMD), e.g. "[cartographic material]"

- permits supplied other title information to indicate geographic coverage

- grammatically separable info preceding the chief title is not considered part of the title proper


Area 3

- mathematical details area is required (and information is given in normalized not transcribed form, with a couple of exceptions)


Area 4

- area and two elements (260 $ and $c) renamed to include concept of manuscript "production"

- place of publication, distribution, production, etc. element now required for ms. materials; publisher, distributor, etc. element still not used for ms. materials


Area 5

- requires use of a specific material designation (SMD), e.g. "1 atlas"

- different instructions for atlases vs. non-atlases


- uses "hand col." rather than "col." to indicate hand coloring in printed materials (if issued that way)

- assumes printed materials with hand-coloring were issued that way by the publisher, unless have evidence to the contrary

- in case of doubt about whether material was issued both with and without hand coloring, assume it was issued both ways.


- indicate dissection/mounting (if issued that way)

- assumes material was not issued that way

- in case of doubt about whether material was issued both with and without dissection/mounting, assume it was not issued both ways.


- map's size measured using neat line (not edge of sheet as with textual materials)


Area 7

- moved instructions on signatures to an appendix

- added notes on cartographic topics (date of situation, geographic coverage, prime meridian, etc.)


Appendix E

- additional criteria on when to create a new bibliographic record for bibliographic variants (e.g. addressing changes to a plate from which a map was printed)





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