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Meeting 2013-03-01

Page history last edited by Manon Theroux 11 years, 2 months ago

DCRM(C) Editorial Meeting

New York City (N.Y.)

March 2-3, 2013


Agenda (and minutes)


1. Outstanding issues:


Treatment of Manuscript Materials Chart

We need to follow-up with MSS concerning their move away from holograph to autograph; they are two separate and distinct meanings. 


Area 1:  

1C1: Manon will suggest a change to IV. Options under "Optionally" in the introduction to "optional element or alternative treatment."

Will not mention which GMD to use with manuscript maps; cataloger's judgement.

We will remove the footnote list altogether; will not add phrase 1C2 [I'm not sure what this means; we'll remove 1C2? Manon, Nancy?] and will keep 1C3 and 1 C4.

[MT: I think the 1C2 reference was simply to remove the introductory wording that points to "the list" (in 1C1) because (and this was the important part) we decided to get rid of the 2 long lists of GMD terms in 1C1 and instead mention only the terms that we thought would apply to cartographic materials. 3/6/13]


1F4. Will add another example for "engraved & published."


Area 2:

2B2.We will rephrase 2B2.1 to include "correction, etc."


Area 3:

3A3.2. Order. We will make a reference to 7B16.2, not 7B8; under 7B8 remove example for inset scales and add examples of contents (formal/informal) for insets with scales.


Area 4:

4B1.1. We will add "manuscript" to unpublished.


Area 7:

7B3. Manon will add rule 1B3.4 about sets/series to always note source of title proper and will add reference to rule in Area 7 and applicable appendix.


7B7.1. Manon will add rule about "From" and "Appears in" with reference to Appendix M.


Between DCRM(C) 7B7.5 and 7B7.6. Use G's 7A4.1 phrasing with some changes, making a distinction between local and general notes.


Appendix E:

E1.3. Manon will add a parenthetical phrase to bullet about "change in content (e.g. ....)"
[MT: I think the bullet beginning "minor corrections to the wooden block ..." was the one getting the change (but the change itself would be drawn from the "change of content" bullet). 3/17/13]


Appendix J:

There was great discussion about restructuring, rephrasing this appendix (too much to recount in detail). Manon will make the changes and incorporate into the master draft; it is important that everyone look over this appendix carefully once the changes have been made.


Appendix L:

L2. We will rephrase to make the wording more general and to add a reference to 1C.

[MT: I think this applied only to GMD. 3/21/13]


L3.1-L3.6. Manon will include MARC fields throughout, which would correspond to the structure of appendices B and N.


L3.5.3. We will use "In" rather than "Plate in" etc.


Appendix N:

See the wiki discussion page for decisions. 

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