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Meeting 2012-12-8 (redirected from Meeting 2012_12_8)

Page history last edited by Manon Theroux 11 years, 4 months ago

DCRM(C) Editorial Meeting

New York City (N.Y.)

December 8, 2012


Agenda (and minutes)


1. Outstanding issues:


     Area 0: Terminology of "atlas factice"; we wondered if perhaps the term "composite atlases" be the preferred term rather than atlas factice. First, it is more compliant with RDA standards (limited foreign terms); second, it is less troublesome than trying to figure out the plural of atlas factice. Randy/Larry: please state your preference and arguments for or against.

RB: I like "composite atlases" for both of the reasons stated above. Of course, I have no history with these particular beasts, so my feelings are not strong either way.

LSC:  I prefer "composite atlases" for the reasons given.


     Area 11E1 (Statements of responsibility) – “combo statements”; we will add examples to 1E13 to include combination statements. We will also find an example for 1E1 with "sculpsit" spelled out (rather than the current example which has "sc."). Todd will ask other maps catalogers how they deal with these combination statements.

RB: Not sure exactly what you mean here. But, this record has "fecit" spelled out. Would that work? http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b16193390~S1 (Images also available, if needed)

MT: Thanks, but I've got one (and we already used this example in another rule anyway)!


     Area 2: 2B2. We will broaden the DCRM(C) language to encompass CM's rules and give a wider range of examples for words considered part of the statement. Randy/Larry: could you please look at the example posted on the wiki for this area, Norie's "A chart of North America" (the second example at the top) and tell us how you would deal with edition statement(s). Please post comments on the wiki.

RB: My attempt at this edition statement on wiki.    

LSC: I've commented on the wiki.


     Manon will correct the Speed example (the first example at the top), 250 with a mark of omission, to use under 2B; the Norie example will go under 2D.

     There was some discussion as to how one deals with Sanborn maps with relation to edition statements; we decided to ask around to see how other catalogers have dealt with these maps.


     Area 5: we decided to create a separate appendix for illustrations of examples for 5D rules; we have to determine which illustrations to use; Todd will post the suggested illustrations to the wiki for all of us to decide which to use. Todd will also email the ALA representative about using CM's illustrations, with the understanding we will cite the source from which taken.


     Area 7:


          7B1.3. Relief. We will create a separate, 1 page, appendix reproducing the relief illustration page from CM; we will add a see-reference to the appendix to 7B1.3.


          7B2.1. Language and script of material ... We will use the third example in the master draft, phrased as is.


          Between DCRM(C) 7B7.5 and 7B7.6. It is understood that any copy-specific information would be covered in 7B19.


          LSC: Good.


          7B8. Mathematical details. Mathematical details concerning insets, etc., are covered in 7B16.2.


     Appendix D: D3.2, bullet 7. Nancy felt the fifth bullet under D3.2. (and the corresponding rule 7B1.1) should be a required note, as she reads the CM rule to be required; Manon and Todd felt it should be optional. Randy/Larry: could you please comment on the wiki on whether you feel this should be required or optional.

RB: I think, for a minimal level record, bullet 5 should be optional.

LSC: I agree with Nancy, although not for the same reason.  Nature and scope of the material is a pretty basic piece of information.  If you cannot tell from the rest of the description what the piece is about, the record is not very useful.


     Bullet 7 under D3.2. should not be required; thus, keep as a bullet. Add a new rule in Area 7, 7B7.3. with a reference to Appendix M. Should we add an additional sentence referencing Appendix L (Maps in Books and Serials)?


     Appendix E: E1.2, defining “state”. There was much discussion as to how "state" is defined in relation to maps vs. textual material; we concluded there are most likely two different definitions depending upon which type of material is discussed and we thought perhaps having two definitions in the glossary might aid in understanding both. Randy/Larry: do either of you have any opinions concerning the definition(s) of "state"? If need be, we can reread the Tanselle article on Non-letterpress material in books.

RB: Doesn't DCRM(G) have something about "state"? They were trying to change "edition" to be more inclusive of "state," right? That said, having more definitions would be a good thing.

LSC: I really don't know enough about maps and graphic materials to make a comment on this point, but I would agree with Randy that more clarity rather than less would be helpful.  Is there any literature on the topic?



     Manon will add "maintenance (re-cutting ...)" and "accidental damage (scratches and splits)" as two bullets under E1.3.


     Appendix F:


          7B4-7B5. Yes, insert "container titles" after "panel titles."


          7B19. Copy-specific titles. Yes, insert Manon's suggested phrase at the end.


          We will also add something about for access to titles in contents notes, including titles in contents taken from the chief source or taken from the maps themselves [Manon, I'm not sure I copied this correctly in my notes; please check.]


2. Appendix K, Date of Situation, discussion.


          K3.3. Marginal data. Manon will revise to clarify the use of marginal data in determining date of situation.


          K4. Further reading. Delete this whole section.


3. Appendix L, Maps in Books and Serials, discussion. Suggested changing the name of this appendix to "Maps as Component Parts of Other Works." Randy/Larry: do you agree?

RB: Yes!

LSC: Yes.


     L3. In analytics. We would not want to require the host item record to have a 774 field.


     L3.2. Title and statement of responsibility area. The correct section referred to should be 1F2, not 1B6.


Appendix B. Add 034 to field descriptions.



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