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Meeting 2012-6-22

Page history last edited by Todd Fell 11 years, 2 months ago

DCRM(C) Editorial Meeting

ALA Annual

Anaheim, Calif.

June 22, 2012



1. Preparation for BSC meeting (DCRM/RDA; issues of parallel rules put forth by Music; request for public hearing at Annual 2013; Globes and realia appendix; miscellaneous topics).


2. Remaining issues for Areas 0-6 (see individual discussion pages for specifics; the rule numbers are below):


     a. Area 1: 1B-1C (GMD)

     b. Area 5: 5D1.3. (compare with CM 5D1, which is quite lengthy and includes eight separate applications; is ours adequate?)


3. Area 7 remaining issues.


4. Area 8 discussion.


5. Appendices D, E, F, K, L, M, and N


1. Preparation for BSC meeting.

     a. Parallel rules put forth by Music: Cartographic does not feel the need to change our rules, as trying to align DCRM rules with AACR2 seems pointless at this stage.

     b. Treatment of manuscript material chart: Serials wants to be added; we are open to change to any rules applying to manuscript material; this in an important area for consistency between the modules. Larry argued brackets should not be used for manuscript material. Manon has added several rules to the chart since it was created; she will send out a revised chart if BSC agrees to participate. Manon will revise 7B19.1.1. to include manuscript material exception; everyone should comment on the wiki.

     c. Nancy will propose the terminology atlas factice through SACO and will add an additional definition to the current authority record; she will also ask the MAGERT cataloging discussion group their opinions on usage.


2a. Area 1 outstanding issue.

     1E. "combo statements"; Todd will find examples; flag as outstanding.


2b. Area 5 outstanding issue.

     5D1.3. questions concerning the usage of CM's images in DCRM(C): ask CM for permission? can LC incorporate illustrations into DCRM modules? Todd will talk to Jane Carpenter about using illustrations in DCRM(C). We are fine with the rule as it stands (thus, do not incorporate all the applications from CM 5D1); we will put all CM illustrations for map measurements in a separate appendix (to follow Appendix J).


3. Area 7 discussion.

     Relief example image: see above discussion about using CM ill. in DCRM module; Todd will speak with Jane about using CM's color illustration for relief.

     7B2.1. leave as is; Larry will find an example for adaptation.

     7B8/7B16. Expand 7B16.2 to match wording in 3A3.2; revise the second sentence along lines offered by Nancy "recording mathematical details." Remove "other" throughout 7B8.

     Related topic (recording coordinates) for 3D2.7 and 3D2.8. 3D2.7: Todd will add second example giving modern coordinates when coordinates are given on an item. 3D2.8: add phrasing about using authoritative sources when determining coordinates.

     7B8.2. "sheet" changed to "material."

     7B9.2. determination based on manuscript decisions.


4. Area 8 discussions.

     We agreed to keep all of Manon's suggested changes. An example for cartographic fingerprints was found and will be added to 8B3. 


Globes appendix discussion.

     Keep 0A as is (with slight revision); Larry will add examples in Areas 1 (chief source) and 5 for globe gores; will add a footnote to 5D4.1; will add 5D4.2 as optionally, without statement of production, or give in a note. Manon will revise 5D4 in addition to containers rules (5D5). We will add various examples for globes through Area 7 (Larry?). 


5. Appendix B dicussion.

     Add 255 for recording mathematical details; phrase as in Area 3.


See reference in Area 7 for Appendix M (Source of map).

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