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Examples Found (Appendix B: Collection-Level Records)

Page history last edited by Manon Theroux 10 years, 1 month ago



034 field

034     ‡a 1 ‡b 250000
Status:  Used 10/16/13

TF: Do we want multiple examples for scale, projection and/or coordinates? The example above is just for scale. 9/30/13
MT: Is this example correct? I've never done an 034 field before but the MARC documentation suggests to me: 034 1  ‡a a ‡b 250000
One thing I don't understand from reading MARC though is how one would represent projection in the 034. 10/13/13

TF: Sorry, I meant to add "a" in the subfield a. 10/15/13

MT: Okay, and I'm assuming new indicator value is also okay. Added as below, 10/16/13: 

034  1   ‡a a ‡b 250000

(Comment: A collection of maps with the same scale)


034 0  ‡a a ‡d W1800000 ‡e E1800000 ‡f N0900000 ‡g S0900000
(Comment: A collection of world maps having different scales and projections)
Status: Used 10/13/13 

MT: Nancy provided the example; I added the comment. 10/13/13

255 field

255      ‡a Scales differ ; ‡b Mercator proj. ‡c (W 180°—E 180°/N 90°—S 90°).

(Comment: A collection of world maps having the same projection but different scales)

Status: Used 12/2/12

MT: I made this up so let me know if it is problematic! 12/2/12

TF: Looks good to me. Are two examples enough? 9/30/13
MT: I think so. I deleted the placeholder. 10/16/13

260 field

MT: Revised last 2 examples to enclose each bracketed element in its own pair of brackets. 10/16/13 

505 field

505 0# [1] Surveyed claims ...


Status: Used 4/28/12
MT: Although I've put this in the draft, it is a problematic example in terms of what is in square brackets and what isn't. Can we doctor it? Or find a better one?
MT: I made changes to punctuation and square brackets based on discussions at ALA Annual 2012. One change we had (perhaps hastily) decided was to delete the dates from #3 and #4. But I see now that the dates are there to distinguish these two maps (they have the same title). So I left them as is. 8/19/12

580 field

580 ## Forms part of the Frederick Douglass Papers ...

Status: Used 4/28/12

MT: Although I've put this in the draft, it is actually a graphics example in LC's catalog. I'm having trouble finding a "real" cartographic example of a 580/773 combination.

6XX fields

245 10 [Collection of newspaper maps of China showing the Sino-Japanese war].


Status: Used 4/28/12

MT: Changed word "showing" to "documenting" (per discussion at NYC meeting April 2012).

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