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Meeting 2011-11-11

Page history last edited by Todd Fell 12 years, 6 months ago

DCRM(C) Editorial Meeting

New York City, NY

November 11-13, 2011


General comments:

Discussion papers: We should amend any decisions made by Bib Standards to the discussion papers posted on the wiki (Todd will do this).

Examples to find assignments: Todd will assign examples to find in areas 6 and 7


  1. Outstanding issues


Area 0:

0A. Scope

-          Remove i.e. section, but include definition of “cartographic materials” in glossary

-          Add “and from” to maps in books bullet


Nancy will find out the plural form of “atlas factice.”


Area 1:


-          Manon will add option to record GMD between 1B and 1C


-          [I have the following note to myself, but I cannot figure out what it means; Manon or Nancy?]: Remove second sentence to 1C2.3

-          Manon will check the example for 1C2.1 to see if it really fits the rule; she will also contact other DCRM editors on their views of “original title”; possible change of heading for 1C2.



-          Manon will create a table for what other DCRM modules are doing for manuscripts

-          We do not want to use $k in DCRM(C); we will continue to use the 300 field or notes to describe production methods. We will continue to call 5C3 "Production method" to match AACR2/CM



-          Add the footnote in CM 1-22 as 1E1 and give appropriate examples



-          Replace “belonging” with “relating”


Area 2:

We will not change the name of area 2 to "State Area" as DCRM(G) has done. We are more likely than graphics to have regular edition statements. We will revise the definition of "state" in the glossary to incorporate the cartographic sense as it applies to sheet maps and maps in books/atlases.



-          Added new alternative rule to allow the cataloger to supply an edition statement to distinguish among states; add the rule number to the exception list in 0F1.2


Area 3:

3A3.2. Order

-          Manon made changes in sections a and b



-          Added qualification “not covered in Appendix J …”; will include in Appendix J instructions for using a scale finder



-          Will renumber the paragraphs as 3B4.1 and 3B4.2



-          Add new section called “Two or more representations of scale” to handle multiple scale statements; 3B6 will then become 3B7


Area 4:

4B1.1. [unpublished material]

-          Manon will consult with the other modules on their decisions for manuscript materials, create a table so we can keep them straight, and add the info to the DCRM Editorial Guidelines wiki


Area 5:


-          Moved the first 5 examples up so it would be less confusing; we will not add the powder horn example


5B1.4. (visual and tactile data)

-          Kept as is; added a line break between the last 2 examples


5B1.5 (Incomplete multiparts)

-          Fixed; we should do a thorough check of all the references once we're done with areas 0-8


5B13. (Manuscript atlases)

-          Deleted this section; we will use notes to convey this information, if considered important


5C1. General Rule

-          Kept as is, with the exception of changing the name of the "Number of maps, etc., in an atlas" (see below for more info)


5C2. Layout

-          Kept the distinction, on recommendation of Paige Andrew. Moved first sentence to end of rule, reworded to make a note if considered important


5C3.4. (Production method in printed atlases)

-          Updated footnote citations to "Art & Architecture Online" and "Thesaurus for Graphic Materials"; made same change in the subsequent footnote

-          Changed text to a simple see reference to avoid giving the impression that giving production method is required



-          Added gathering caption

-          Renamed section, even though a departure from CM and AACR2, because 1) numbering is only one part of this section, 2) there is a subsection on numbering, and 3) need to clarify that maps are a type of illustrative matter

-          changed "illustrations" to "Maps and other illustrations" throughout


5C5. (and 5C9)

-          Kept as is, without making the distinction that DCRM(G) is making



-          Split into 2 rules



-          Decided against putting all atlas rules at end


5C5.2 (hand coloring)

-          Confirmed that maps are a type of illustration but the most important type for our purposes so we will specify "maps and other illustrations throughout this section


5C6. (Number of illustrations in an atlas)

-          Kept as is


5C7 (Atlases consisting entirely or chiefly of maps) 

-          Renumbered as 5C6.3


5C9 (Color)

-          Decided not necessary; renumbered 5C8


5C10 (Medium)

-          Renumbered 5C9, added "ms." in first example, and decided to continue recording medium here rather than in a note because no rare reason to deviate and don't want to delete an entire element that is present in AACR2/CM


5C11. (Material)

-          Renumbered 5C10 and added "ms." in first example


5C12 (Mounting)

-          Renumbered 5C11. In first subrule, deleted 2nd sentence and made 1st sentence more generic. In second subrule, deleted "of a printed map. etc."


Area 7:


-          Manon will add sentence for lcgft for cartographic genre terms and will change footnote to match wording of DCRM(S)



-          Will not change wording of existing text



-          We will follow Nancy’s suggestion, but follow wording used in Area 0B1-2, 1B3, 2A2, etc.

-          We will also follow AACR2 in terms of punctuation; Manon will revise second sentence to match 0D1-2, 1B3, 2A2, etc.


7B1. Nature and scope of material

-          Remove “material” from heading

-          Make first paragraph 7B1.1 and “Date of situation” to 7B1.2

-          Find examples to support second sentence of rule: “unusual or unexpected …”


7B1.1. Date of situation

-          Manon will change to match Area 4 “Publication, distribution, etc.”


7B1.2. Relief

-          Decided the ill. from CM should be included in DCRM(C), but prefer it to be in an appendix; Todd will contact CDS to determine feasibility of col. ill., reproduction permission, etc.


7B1.3. Manuscripts

-          Move all mention of collections to App. B

-          Remove manuscript section and add sentence to 7B1 for holograph and signed for ms. material’ beef up examples



-          We will add 7B3.2 from DCRM about multipart monographs


7B3.1. and 7B3.2. Source of title proper

-          Delete 7B3.2 and combine everything


7B5.1 Parallel titles and other information

-          Manon will revise 7B5.1 to condense and make clearer to include all forms



-          Manon will revise to make more in line with DCRM editorial guidelines

-          Remove heading and make dedications quoted note

-          Add example for omission of lengthy dedications

-          Delete last sentence


7B6.1. S.O.R. in source other than chief …

-          Randy’s comment about engravers was addressed in Area 1 discussions

-          Better examples needed


7B7.1 and 7B7.2 Edition and bib. history

-          Manon will revise chief source to match Area 0

-          Move example from 7B7.1 to 7B7.2.; find better example for 7B7.1.


Between 7B7.5 and 7B7.6. (Donor info)

-          Will put in copy-specific note

-          Revise 7B7.6 (see in draft)



-          Will be extensively revised according to outline supplied by Todd on wiki (i.e. distinct separation of Scale, Projection, and Coordinates sections) and provide ample examples

-          Change heading to “Mathematical details area” to match Area 3

-          Nancy’s note about recording details for inset maps, etc. will be addressed only in the rules concerning contents notes


7B8.1. Scale/7B8.3. Projection/7B8.4 Coordinates

-          We will not refer back to rules in area 3, per DCRM editorial guideliens


7B10.2-7B10.11. Signatures

-          Move all rules for signatures to a separate appendix


7B11.1. Physical description

-          Add example of Civil war sun prints


7B11.2. Incunabula

-          Keep, but expand [how? I don’t have this in my notes]



-          Remove second sentence so as to not confuse with Area 5 instructions


7B16. Contents

-          We will include all of text given in DCRM(B)


7B16.1. Collections

-          Delete, as it will be part of App. B


Incorporate CM application (first application under 7B18. Contents)

-          More discussion is needed as a group at Annual 2012 (Anaheim) to decide what is important



-          Needs to match Area 1

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