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Appendix N: Composite Atlases Discussions (redirected from Appendix N: Atlas Factices Discussions)

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BSC Review


App. N3, 260 field: Is there an extra line space between third and fourth example (p. 299)?
MT: Fixed. 12/31/15


App. N3, 300 field...Other Physical Details: should it read, "as instructed in 5C4-5C7" rather than, "as instructed in 5C4-5C7.2"?
MT: Fixed. 12/31/15

App. N3, 856 field: the URL in the example goes to what looks like either an index or TOC for an atlas. Is that correct?

TF: I cannot access the page, but if it is pointing to some form of contents, I think this is fine. 12/30/15

MT: The URL works for me. I don't understand the comment. Why wouldn't it be correct that it points to an index/table of contents? That's why the $3 says "List of contents"! 12/31/15


505 Field (Optionally section, first bullet)

To maintain consistent tense in the sentence, I recommend "transcribe" instead of "transcribing"

MT: The 1st bullet structure ("give a more abbreviated formal contents note, e.g., transcribing only the title proper and the date of publication ...") reflects the structure of the 1st sentence in the 505 instructions ("Give a complete formal contents note, transcribing the title, statement of responsibility ..."). I think it is fine but will change it if others think we should. 1/5/16

TF: I think it is fine as is. 1/6/16

RB: Leave as is. 1/6/16

LSC: Life is short; leave it is as it is.  1/16/2016



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