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ALA Prep: Deviations from Cartographic Materials (redirected from Deviations from Cartographic Materials)

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DCRM(C) Deviations from Cartographic Materials




     CM has rule "applications" for early cartographic materials derived from Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books, 2nd ed. (1991), and from an unpublished manual for cataloging antiquarian cartographic materials prepared at the Newberry Library in the 1970s.  DCRM(C) goes beyond that, to integrate and harmonize all common areas with DCRM(B), in fact, using DCRM(B) as a base text for most chapters/areas.


     In DCRM(C), there's greater emphasis on distinguishing transcription fields from non-transcription fields.


     Consistent with DCRM(B), DCRM(C) requires more than CM in the way of notes about transposition of information transcribed from the chief source of information.


     DCRM(C) provides more in-depth guidance than CM with more examples for the rules taken from early cartographic resources and with numerous appendixes on a variety of topics with MARC-coded examples (e.g., Appendix B, Collection-Level Records; Appendix N, Composite Atlases).


     In DCRM(C), most of the illustrations have been included in the appendixes rather than within the text of rules.


Area 0


     Prescribed sources. (See Areas 3 and 4).


Manuscripts for Areas 1, 2 and 4 has published copies for CM, DCRM(C) omits this

(find out what DCRM(M) has decided and how ms. catalogers deal with it)


Area 1


     1A2.2 and 1E4.  DCRM(C) does not call for "silent" omission (omission without using the mark of omission) of dedications from title information, and in fact instructs catalogers to treat dedications as other title information, unless the dedication is grammatically inseparable from information transcribed as part of another element or area.

     CM 1B15 instructs catalogers to silently omit dedications that are separate from the title proper, and rather record or describe them in a note if considered important.


     1B3.1. For sheet maps, make a note on the source of the title proper if other than the recto of the sheet. If considered important, make a note specifying the location on the recto of the sheet that serves as the source of the title proper.

     CM 1B1.


Area 2


     2B3. Words such as "impression" or "printing"

     No such correlating rules in CM. 


Area 3


     Prescribed sources. From any source.

     CM is chief source of information (item itself; container), accompanying printed material.


     Not a transcription field; cartographic data is normalized to identify geographic content and attributes.  No use of square brackets.  Cartographic data transcribed from the material now goes only in the notes, with 2 exceptions (3B1.5 quoted verbal scale statement using imaginary units of measure and 3B4 quoted nonlinear scale statement). 


     3B1.5. Phrase "Scale not determined" not in CM. 


     3B5.3.  Phrase "Vertical scale not given" not in CM.


Area 4


     Prescribed source. Title page, colophon, other preliminaries, dust jacket, in that order of preference.

     CM is Title page, other preliminaries, colophon.


Area 5


     5C11. Dissection and/or Mounting. Dissection not a part of CM 5C14. Mounting; no discussion of copy-specific dissection.


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