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Examples Found (Area 0)

Page history last edited by Manon Theroux 8 years, 6 months ago

Area 0 Examples found

0B2.2. Imperfections

Turcicum imperium [ca. 1630]

Local note: Imperfect: cartouche cut-out and replicated in ms. with new title "Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia et Africa regiones proprias, tributar, et clientelares exhibens."

Bib record: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/9352530

Image: http://beinecke.library.yale.edu/dl_crosscollex/brbldl/oneITEM.asp?pid=2068040&iid=1308659&srchtype=

Note: Do we want an image of the a perfect map? There are a few at www.swaen.com, but we may not be able to link out to the image, as they are a private business.

Status: Used 5/7/2011


Carta de [...] sitio de Puebla / combinada por el [...] ayudante general D. José J. Alvarez en Marzo de 1856, y copiada por el capitan del mismo cuerpo J.N. Villegas

Note: Description based on imperfect copy: section of map missing at top, affecting text

Bib record: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b10295336~S60

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8262643597/

Status: Used 2/9/13
MT: Made "Marzo" lowercase per AACR2 capitalization rules for Spanish. 2/9/13


South America / by Bradford Sco[...]

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/v4yt18

Status: Used 5/7/2011 (Note: I'm just pretending the manuscript has been torn...)
MT: Added comment to indicate this is a manuscript map. 12/1/12


Atlas géographique. -- Paris : A. Saussine, éditeur, [1850?] (Haarlem : Impr. L. Van Leer & cie)

Note: Title and imprint from container.

(Comment: A box of puzzles, each in the form of a map, being cataloged as a set; each puzzle bears its own title and imprint)

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/r0w40c

Status: Used 1/19/14

0C2.1 (cover more recent than title page)

Smith's school atlas. -- Second edition. -- Philadelphia : Published by Robert A. Smith, 1848

Note: Title, edition statement, and imprint from cover. Title page reads: Smith's school atlas. Philadelphia: Published by Robert A. Smith, 1846

Status: Used 5/1/14

MT: This is a made-up example. I've given up hope of finding a real one (and believe me I've wasted many an hour trying). 5/1/14

0C2.2 (two title pages)

Historia mundi, or, Mercators atlas : containing his cosmographicall descriptions of the fabricke and figure of the world / lately rectified in diuers places, as also beutified and enlarged with new mapps and tables by the studious industrie of Iodocus Hondy ; englished by W.S. generosus & regin. Oxoniae. -- Second edytion. -- London : Printed for Michaell Sparke and are to be sowld in Greene Arbowre, 1637

Note: Title, edition statement, and imprint from engraved t.p. Includes letterpress t.p. from the first edition with imprint: London: Printed by T. Cotes for Michael Sparke and Samuel Cartwright, 1635

Bib: http://lccn.loc.gov/2008626506

Bib: http://shakespeare.folger.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?BBID=303675


Image (engraved t.p.)

Image (letterpress t.p.)

Status: Used 5/1/14

MT: Yale's bib uses the letterpress t.p. as the chief source but this rule calls for using the engraved t.p., as LC and Folger have done. Corrections to transcription are welcome - it was difficult to see some letters in the online image, so if anyone has access to EEBO, maybe you can check?. In particular, is it "Arbowre" or "Arboiure"? 5/1/14

0F2.1. Romanization

Source: Карта Ингерманландии и Карелии

Transcription: Karta Ingermanlandii i Karelii

Note: Title in Cyrillic script.

Bib record: http://neworbexpress.library.yale.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=9176944

Image: http://www.nlr.ru/exib/len_obl/img2/k1_zap_2-38.jpg

Status: Used 6/5/11 (Cyrillic characters provided by Todd). Changed formatting from Arial MS Unicode to standard Palatino Linotype. 3/4/13

0F2.2. Romanization

Source: Ἑλλὰς. Graecia Sophiani

Transcription: Hellas = Graecia Sophiani

Note: The first title, Hellas, is printed in Greek script

Image: http://www.vintage-maps.com/zoomify/template.php?zoomifyimage=10552_0.jpg

Status: Used 3/4/13

MT: If any of you are comfortable with Greek, please double-check my work! Working with the LC Romanization Table, I broke it down as: rough breathing (H) over initial epsilon (e), two lambdas (ll), alpha (a) with grave accent (ignored), and final sigma (s). 3/4/13

0G1.1. Letters and diacritics



Æthiopia superior vel interior


Aethiopia superior vel interior

Image: http://brbl-dl.library.yale.edu/vufind/Record/3443315

Status: Used 12/19/15

0G1.1. Symbols

I [love] NY Liberty centennial tourism map

Note: The word "love" in the title is represented by a heart symbol

Bib: https://lccn.loc.gov/87691141

Status: Used 1/1/16

0G2.2 Letterforms




Brabantiae Belgarum prouinciae recens exactaque descriptio


Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8262654839/ 


MT: I agree we probably don't need this one in addition to the one below. 2/9/13





Schlauoniae, Croatiae, Carniae, Istriae, Bosniae, Finitimarumque regionum noua descriptio / auctore Augustino Hirsuogelio

(Comment: In the material, the text in roman type shows consistent use of u for vowels or consonants, e.g., "Flanaticus," "uulgo," "Nouigra")

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b16205031~S1

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8262663493/ (full map) | http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8262664881/ (detail showing lower case u/v usage)

Status: Used 2/9/13  

RB: Probably only need one of these examples. The second example shows "V" converted to "u". Editor's choice!

MT: I pick this one! I corrected "CARNIAEM" to "CARNIAE". I also made "Finitarumque" lowercase; I think it just means "and neighboring". Can someone with good Latin confirm? 2/9/13


Source: Vltraiectvm dominivm

Transcription: Vltraiectum dominium (following Appendix G4).

Additional title access: Ultraiectum dominium.

Bib record: http://neworbexpress.library.yale.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=8335486

Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c1/Blaeu_1645_-_Ultraiectum_Dominium.jpg


TF: Note: I'm not sure this would be an appropriate example; perhaps we can find a longer title with more i/j, u/v conversion.
MT: Source is actually in all caps: VLTRAIECTVM DOMINIVM. It would actually be instructive to have an example that illustrates following the chart in Appendix G4 (as opposed to usage in the text), but in the image I do see a pattern of usage in the text (lowercase "u" used as a vowel in the medial position). So, this doesn't seem like an example of a situation where we have to use the chart as a last resort. 2/9/13

OG2.3. Final capital "I" in Latin

Theatrum orbis terrarum Abrahami OrtelI Antuerp. geographi regii

Bib record: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b18186667~S52

Image: http://titania.folger.edu/luna/servlet/s/pks22v

Status: Used

0G3.1. Punctuation in the source (General rule)


Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo; or Dictionary of America & West Indies; collated with all the most recent authorities, and composed chiefly from scarce and original documents, for that work, by A. Arrowsmith, hydrographer to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent


Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo, or, Dictionary of America & West Indies : collated with all the most recent authorities, and composed chiefly from scarce and original documents, for that work / by A. Arrowsmith, hydrographer to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent

Alternate rule:

Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo; or Dictionary of America & West Indies; : collated with all the most recent authorities, and composed chiefly from scarce and original documents, for that work, / by A. Arrowsmith, hydrographer to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent

Bib: http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/28387321

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/jm828b

Status: Used 2/22/14



A Lyon, Chez Jean-Marie Bruyset, pere & fils. M.DCC.LXXXIV.


A Lyon : Chez Jean-Marie Bruyset, pere & fils, MDCCLXXXIV [1784]

Alternate rule:

A Lyon, : Chez Jean-Marie Bruyset, pere & fils., M.DCC.LXXXIV. [1784]

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/np5v22

Status: Used 2/22/14

0G3.2. Apostrophes

Phelps's travellers' guide through the United States

Bib/image: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/7519028

Free image: http://www.archive.org/details/phelpsstraveller00phel

Status: Used 5/30/11

0G3.3. Hyphens

A night-club map of Harlem

Image: http://assets.bigthink.com/images/strangemaps/22867/map.jpg

Status: Used 6/5/11


Cram's rail road & township map of Washington

Image (note: LC transcribed incorrectly as "railroad"): http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3981p.ct001420

Status: Used 6/12/11

0G3.4. Punctuation within roman numerals

The British colonies in North America / engraved by William Faden, MDCCLXXVII

Bib/image: http://catalog.nypl.org/record=b13868836~S1

Better image: http://www.mapsofpa.com/18thcentury/1777fadenbc.jpg

Status: Used: 12/1/12
Note: Source has "M.DCCLXXVII"

0G3.5 Ellipses, square brackets, and virgules

, 1794

Optional note: On t.p., imprint date is enclosed in square brackets.

Image: http://dcrmc.pbworks.com/w/file/63753014/date-in-brackets.jpg

Status: Used 2/18/13

0G3.6. Line endings

Source (showing line endings):





Walachia, Servia, Bulgaria, Romania

(Comment: Letterpress text on verso shows u/v usage)

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b16205028~S1

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8263725152/ 

Status: Used 2/9/13
MT: The punctuation after "BVLGA" looked more like a double line than a single line, so I transcribed it as "=". If others disagree, let me know. Also, I didn't think it necessary to include the u/v comment since this rule is not about converting case so I left it out (but I appreciate the confirmation that the u/v transcription is correct). 2/9/13

0G3.7. Punctuation substituting for letters


The most high mighty and most excellent prince ----------------- prince of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, and Duke of Cornwall


Dedicated to "The most high mighty and most excellent prince ----------------- prince of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, and Duke of Cornwall" by William Berry.

Bib. record: http://orbexpress.library.yale.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=8468346


MT: Interesting example! I'm wondering if maybe this indicates a blank intended to be completed in manuscript, as in 0G6.4, and thus should be transcribed as "The most high mighty and most excellent Prince [blank] ..."??? Have others seen examples like this?  8/27/12

TF: When I first saw this, I also thought it might fit 0G6.4. Blank spaces, but the rule states "... a blank space intended to be completed in manuscript ...," which made me rethink it. There are quite a number of others maps by Berry in this same volume that also have dedications, all of which have engraved names. I wouldn't think Berry left it blank to be filled in manuscript; perhaps he was hedging his bets during a time of tricky political changes; or perhaps the throne was changing hands so many times, he didn't have time to engrave a new name?

MT: I found another example that seems less ambiguous so I've used that instead (the Pundit A- K- example below). 9/20/12



Map illustrating the explorations of Pundit A___ K___ in Great Tibet, 1879-1882


Map illustrating the explorations of Pundit A- K- in Great Tibet, 1879-1882

Bib/image: http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/tibet&CISOPTR=477&CISOBOX=1&REC=2

Status: Used 9/20/12
MT: Although the bib record has the underscores transcribed as two hyphens after each initial (Pundit A-- K--), the underscores look like single pieces of type to me (albeit long ones). So I transcribed them as single hyphens. Even though I like the look of the double hyphens better. 9/20/12


/ dressée d’après les relations les plus authentiques par M*** en 1764

Image: http://www.raremaps.com/gallery/enlarge/0093em

Status: used 6/5/11


copied by G. W-n

Optional note: "G. W-n" is George Washington

Bib record: http://lccn.loc.gov/99464082

Image: http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3882m.ct000473r

Status: Used

0G4.1. Spacing




Leo Belgicus

Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/Leo_Belgicus.jpg

Status: Used 6/12/11


Source (showing line endings):





Nouuelle France

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b16227226~S1

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8263736336/ 

Status: Used 2/9/13  

RB: Bib record uses a supplied title (in a woefully preliminary catalog record). For purposes of this example, can we pretend that the title of the map is "Nouvelle France"?

MT: Yes, the image is more important to me than what's in the bib record. 2/19/13

RB: The example in the alternative rule for transcribing dates is fine as is. No need to find a specific C example.

MT: I agree, so I deleted the "C example needed" notation. 2/9/13

0G4.2. Spacing between words




Urbis Neapolis cum praecipuis : eius aedificiis secundum planitiem exacta delineatio / edita ...

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b10324935~S1

Images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8262669909/ | http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8262672271/
Status: Used 2/9/13  

RB: Probably just the first four words will illustrate the rule.

MT: I think the title proper ends with "delineatio" not "praecipuis" so that's where I decided to end the example. 2/9/13

0G4.3. Variant spellings

Newengland and New York

Bib/image: http://catalog.nypl.org/record=b15102843~S1

Status: Used 8/27/12

0G4.4.1 Initials (and/or 0G4.4.2?) 

MT: Renumbered per DPC approved by BSC (was 0G10.1). 2/18/13


/ drawn by M.B. Haynes, C.E.

Bib record: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b20239068~S1

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/7835944520/

Status: Used 9/1/12

MT: I deleted the slash, because ISBD punctuation is not included in the examples in this section. Used in 0G4.4.1. Does not illustrate 0G4.4.2 because all of the abbreviations are a single letter. 9/1/12


Map of the San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada RR with its rail & water connections

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b10843826~S1

Image: http://content.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/hb7v19p2cj/

Status: Used 12/2/12


compiled, engraved and published by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.

Bib/image: http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3700.rr000510

Status: Used 9/1/12

0G4.4.2. Abbreviation consisting of more than a single letter

MT: Renumbered per DPC approved by BSC (was 0G10.2). 2/18/13


par MM. B. Studer et A. Escher de la Linth

Bib: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/9667418

Image: none
Status: Used 9/1/12
MT: I found this Yale example but there is no image. If anyone finds a similar example with an image, we can substitute it. 9/1/12


published by Wm. M. Franklin

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/k6z034

Status: Used 9/1/12

0G4.4.3. Two or more distinct initialisms

MT: Renumbered per DPC approved by BSC (was 0G10.3). 2/18/13


by D.L. M.A.

(Comment: The first two initials stand for the author's forename and surname; the second two initials stand for "Master of Arts")

Bib/image: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/10269744

Bib: http://shakespeare.folger.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?BBID=144164


Status: Used 12/1/12

0G5.1. Omissions

London : Published by Chapman & Hall, no. 186, Strand ..., [183-?]

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b18347399~S60



MT: I'd like to hold out for an example that we could double check against an image. I don't think this should be a hard example to find either. This is an imperfect item; the description of the perfect copy might not actually have any text in the 260 $b after "Strand"; example: http://www.antique-maps-online.co.uk/somerset-hall-2690.html


Philadelphia : Printed For John Melish, John Vallance, and H.S. Tanner ... by G. Palmer, 1814

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/xjkp0z

Status: Used 4/9/13


A Paris : Chez I.B. Nolin ..., [1691]

Bib (the bib record does not have the date bracketed, as I believe it's on the piece; all else matches)

Image (note: you can click on the small image and it will open up to view larger)

Status: Used 4/9/13  

TF: We can find many examples for this rule; this is merely the first one I located. 4/9/13

0G5.3. Information not taken from the chief source of information.


The second edition

Note: Edition statement from colophon; full colophon reads: This, the second edition ... is limited to 1000 copies for the United Kingdom and 500 for America

Status: Used 6/28/14

MT: This is a made-up example; I simply doctored the DCRM(B) example. 6/28/14

0G6. Interpolations

0G6.1. General rule.


A Paris : Chez Crepy rue S. Jacques a S. Pierre, [1744]

Bib: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/9673081

Image: http://biblio.unibe.ch/web-apps/maps/lightbox.php?col=ryh&pic=Ryh_2903_11&col=ryh&ilang=DE

Status: used 6/28/14

0G6.3. Lacunae in material with imperfections


Carta de [...] sitio de Puebla / combinada por el [...] ayudante general D. José J. Alvarez en marzo de 1856, y copiada por el capitan del mismo cuerpo J.N. Villegas

Note: Description based on imperfect copy: section of map missing at top, affecting text

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b10295336~S60

Status: Used 5/18/13

MT: Note: This same example has been used to illustrate 0B2.2.but I think that's okay. 5/18/13


Diseñ[o] del parage lla[mado] Caño[n]

Note: Manuscript map; right portion of map wanting

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b11192675~S60 

Image: http://content.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/hb0x0n99ds/?order=3&brand=calisphere


Chart of the Bay of St. Francisco / drawn by Capt. John Brad[shaw], Beverly, Mass.

Note: Manuscript map; upper left portion of map torn, portion of mapmaker's name missing

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b10264827~S60

Image: http://content.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/hb4k400701/ 

Status: Used 5/18/13

RB: Probably don't need both examples of ms. maps; editor's choice. 5/12/13

MT: I pick this one. To avoid saying "portion" twice, I changed last part of note to "upper left portion of map torn, with partial loss of mapmaker's name" 5/18/13

RB: Shouldn't "Manuscript map" be a comment? In the catalog record, "ms." would be in the 300, indicating that the map was manuscript, not in a general note. 6/5/13

MT: Done! 7/1/13


0G6.4. Blank spaces

Plan de la Baye de tous les saints a la cotte du Bresil situé par les [blank] d. [blank] m'. sud

Image: http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?ammem/gmd:@filreq%28@field%28NUMBER+@band%28g5562a+br000103%29%29+@field%28COLLID+gnrlmap%29%29


MT: Does this work? This is a ms. map with blanks that I found; a little different than the form situation implied by the rule ...

MT: Okay, I think I found something better; see below. 8/18/12


State of [blank] / drawn by [blank]

Optional local note: Library's copy has blanks supplied in manuscript: State of [New York] / drawn by [Fannie Ufford]

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~28069~1120204

Status: Used 8/18/12


Plano de la entrada de Guayaquil situado en la longd. de [blank] y en la latitude [blank] contadas las yslas y costa de su contorno, que son manglares

Image: http://www.loc.gov/item/90682840

Status: Used 9/21/13

MT: Another ms. map example. I suppose the blanks are still "intended to be completed in manuscript", so I went ahead and used it. It's such a nice "mappy" example, what with its explicit use of measurements of latitude and longitude. 9/21/13


0G6.5. Adjacent elements

[Amsterdam : Nicolaes Visscher], anno 1652. 

Bib record 

Status: Used 11/4/12 

 MT: Revised to enclose each bracketed element in its own pair of brackets. 10/16/13 


Augustae Vindelicorum [Augsburg] : [M. Seutter, 1757?]

Bib: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/589682


Status: Used 2/9/13

MT: I inserted the modern place name (not present in the bib record) for the purpose of this example. It would be nice if the transcription of the Latin could be checked, but it is a common city name and the other data in the filed is all supplied so maybe it doesn't matter so much. 2/9/13

MT: Revised to enclose each bracketed element in its own pair of brackets. 10/16/13 


[Map of Napa Creek, California]. -- [S.l. : s.n., 1902?]

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b11141178~S1

Status: Used 2/9/13

MT: The bib record has "Calif." in the supplied title; I spelled it out for our example. 2/9/13

MT: Revised to enclose each bracketed element in its own pair of brackets. 10/16/13 

0G7.1. Inaccuracies

Descipcion [sic] de la costa occidental del Seno Mexicano

Bib & Image: http://www.loc.gov/item/90683609 

Status: Used 8/13/12

MT: What do you all think about the "dela" vs. "de la" question? Source has "dela"; bib record has "de la" (so that's how I transcribed it here). But I'm not sure if that is right. If this is an example of 0G4.2 ("If spacing between words in the source is ambiguous, or lacking, include spaces in the transcription to separate the words as needed"), it is correct. If it is an example of or 0G4.3 ("Do not insert spaces within single words that merely represent variant or archaic spellings"), it isn't. My knowledge of modern Spanish tells me to transcribe as "de la" but it may be an archaic spelling that should be left alone for all I know. I don't think that "Descipcion" is an archaic spelling, by the way; let me know if you know otherwise. 8/13/12

TF: I spoke with Ellen J. here at Sterling and she said "dela" is an archaic spelling of "de la." Thus, I believe this is an example of 0G4.3.

MT: I've changed the transcription to "dela", but kept the overall example in 0G7.1 (the word "Descipcion" is what is illustrating 0G7.1). 9/1/12

Topocraphical [sic] map of the road from Fort Smith, Arks., to Santa Fe, N.M., and from Dona Ana, N.M., to Fort Smith

Image: http://www.lexisnexis.com/congcomp/getdoc?MAP-ID=577+H.exdoc.45,+map+1

Status: Used 11/4/12

MT: Used this example instead of the "descipcion" example above because I thought "dela" in that example might distract people from what this rule is all about. Also, this link only works for subscribers to ProQuest's U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection. 11/4/12


The earthquake cnter [i.e. center]

Image: http://www.lexisnexis.com/congcomp/getdoc?MAP-ID=3255+H.misdoc.180/6,+map+12

Status: Used 9/24/12
MT: This link only works for subscribers to ProQuest's U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection but I can verify the transcription. 9/24/12


Plan of the town of Baltimore and it's [sic] environs


Image: http://www.loc.gov/resource/g3844b.ct000792/  

MT: I'm not sure if we should add this one or not. 0G3.2 (apostrophes) has an example "H. Jalliots map of the seat of war in Italy" and it doesn't have a "[sic]" after "Jalliots". Just as we don't use "sic" to signal archaic spelling, we don't use it to signal archaic punctuation styles. This is a more modern example so there might be more justification in calling it a misprint but I'm not sure if apostrophe use was standardized to that degree even in the middle of the 19th century. Maybe it would be better to stick with examples of words that are clearly misprints? 5/18/13

MT: Note: This example has already been used under 1E4, so if we add sic here we'll have to add it there as well (or delete the example from there). 5/18/13

MT: I don't think we need a 3rd example anyway. We already have one example for each method (sic vs. i.e.), so that should be enough. I've deleted "C example needed" from the draft. 9/21/13

0G7.1. [Do not correct words spelled according to older or non-standard orthographic conventions]

A new sett of maps both of antient and present geography

Image: http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/dgkeysearchdetail.cfm?imageID=1630696&k=3&e=w

Status: Used 2/23/13


Ostlicher Theil des Tullnerfeldes

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/0jdh4f 

LSC the upper case O should have an umlaut.


MT: Not sure what the archaic spelling is; should we stick with examples that will be more obvious to a general reader who might not know German? One example might be enough here anyway. 5/18/13
MT: We now have two examples, so that's probably enough. 9/21/13 


Vertheilung des Gross-Weiss- & Klein-Russen

Image http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/e/collections/maps/ethnographic/G7011-E1-1878-P41.html 


MT: Not sure what the archaic spelling is; should we stick with examples that will be more obvious to a general reader who might not know German? One example might be enough here anyway. 5/18/13

MT: We now have two examples, so that's probably enough. 9/21/13 


Grooten atlas, oft wereltbeschryving, in welcke ‘t aertryck, de zee en hemel, wordt vertoont en beschreven

Image: http://objects.library.uu.nl/reader/index.php?obj=1874-241046&lan=en#page//62/02/64/62026472522796563869397458037107955793.jpg/mode/1up  p. 5. 


MT: Not sure what the archaic spelling is; should we stick with examples that will be more obvious to a general reader who might not know Dutch? One example might be enough here anyway. 5/18/13

MT: We now have two examples, so that's probably enough. 9/21/13 


A new, plaine, & exact mapp of Africa

Image: http://maps.bpl.org/id/14053

Status: Used 7/13/13


The cittie of London

Image: http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/onlineex/crace/t/zoomify87871.html

Status: Used 1/22/14

0G7.3 Guide letters

MT: This one has guide letters but they are internal (not on the t.p.) so we wouldn't be transcribing them anyway. I think this might be a hard example to find. 5/16/13


LSC: The image is not accessible to everyone; I got this message: Due to licensing agreements, we can no longer grant visitors from institutions with .edu domains access to HistoricMapWorks.com. 5/16/2013
MT: I have no trouble accessing this from home. I haven't tried accessing from work. 9/21/13 

LSC: Is this rule necessary for DCRMC?  5/16/2013

TF: I suppose an early atlas can have blank spaces for guide letters on the t.p., but as Manon points out, finding an example might be a bit too difficult. I propose keeping the rule, but stop trying to find an example. 5/17/13
MT: Per our decision at ALA Annual 2013, we kept the rule and I added the following pair of hypothetical examples. 9/21/13

[C]laudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini geographicae enarrationis libri octo

Note: Space for initial letter of first word of title left blank by printer

Optional local note: LC copy: Initial letter executed in red and blue ink

Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini geographicae enarrationis libri octo

Optional local note: LC copy: Printed guide letter "C" at beginning of title not executed in manuscript


MT: The above are two hypothetical examples based on a printed book:
Bib: http://lccn.loc.gov/2004573059
Image: http://www.nla.gov.au/apps/cdview/?pi=nla.map-ra1-s4-v

Status: Used 9/21/13  

0G8/0G9. Abbreviations/Superscripts

RB: We don't really need any more examples here (except for 0G8.2), but if you want to include another, here's one that could fit into either 0G8.1 or 0G9 (the "l" in "Centl." is superscript; see below).




Map of the American River branch of the Cal. Centl. R.R.

Bib: http://oskicat.berkeley.edu/record=b20399759~S1

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7321780@N05/8282449795/


MT: I think one example is probably enough for 0G9. I don't see how this example would illustrate 0G8.1. For that one, we'd want text that wasn't abbreviated in the source in order to show that we transcribe it as found (e.g. Source: Printed by ABC Company. Transcription: Printed by ABC Company (NOT "Printed by ABC Co."). But I think we can do without an example in 0G8.1 2/9/13

0G8.2 Abbreviations

Moscovia, urbs, regionis eiusde[m] nominis metropolitica, duplo maior, qua[m] Praga Boiemiae, lignea aedificia habet, multas plateas, sed dispersas, latissimi campi interiacen ...

Bib: http://hdl.handle.net/10079/bibid/8303625

Image: http://www.sanderusmaps.com/detail-getimage.cfm?c=7854


MT: This example does not have as many expansions of "special marks of contraction" as the DCRM(B) example, but perhaps it will do? Those with Latin, please check my transcription (and also let me know if you would punctuate this any differently)! However, I am wondering if the title at the top of the map ("Moscauw") should be the title proper instead (in which case we need a new example!)? Moscow seems to be more precise than Moscovia (which I think was a larger jurisdiction). The map does depict a little bit more than just the city itself, but not much more. Would 1B1.1 have us pick "Moscauw"? 2/10/13


Quiuirae Regnu[m] cum alijs versus borea[m]

Image: https://www.raremaps.com/gallery/detail/29695/Quivirae_Regnu_cum_alijs_versus_Borea/De%20Jode.html

Status: Used 4/9/13

0G9. Superscripts and subscripts

by Wm. Darby ; engraved by Jas. D. Stout

Bib: http://catalog.nypl.org/record=b15110729~S1

Image: http://www.loc.gov/item/98685568

Status: Used 12/1/12

0G10. Order and transposition


The coast of the United States of North America : from New York to St. Augustine / drawn and regulated according the the latest surveys and astronomical observations by Edmund Blunt ; D.R. Harrison, sc.

Optional note: Engraver statement appears at head of title, on the top right corner of the sheet

Image: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/s/3b0527 

Status: Used 3/29/14



The country twenty five miles round New York / drawn by a gentleman from that city ; J. Barber, sculp., Holborn Hill

Optional note: Engraver statement appears in bottom right corner of map

Image: http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?ammem/gmd:@field(NUMBER+@band(g3804n+ar109600))

Status: Used 3/29/14





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